Why WordPress is Likely the Best Choice for a Website

So, the question is “why is WordPress probably the best choice when it comes to creating a website?”

Here’s the short answer: Versatility, scalability and cost.

But the long answer gives us important context to understand the whole picture.

Remember getting assignments from teachers when you were a kid in high school? You would sometimes get big projects that you really didn’t want to do, if not all of them. You finally finished a project like it was a chore and something terrible happened. Your computer crashed and you didn’t save your work or your project got destroyed by a dog or younger sibling. Even though you didn’t enjoy the project that much, it represented hours and hours of work that now went down the drain, never to return. That is the worst feeling when the results of your effort seem to equal zero.

Your website will hopefully live on for a long time. Choosing a platform for your website that cannot grow will feel like the above situation. You put a lot of effort into your website only to find out that your site needs 1) functionality you never expected you’d need and 2) to grow to a higher level, both of which the platform you initially chose is incapable of handling. That is a dreadful moment. Did you invest countless hours only to hit a dead end?

WordPress started off as a blogging platform but eventually grew to run all sorts of websites. Take a look at some of these lists of well-known sites with very high traffic that run on WordPress. You probably recognize some of them. The number of worldwide sites has reached 1.3 billion and the number of sites using WordPress stands around 455 million. That means WordPress powers about 35% of all sites. With so many sites using it, no wonder WordPress attracts not only many users but also developers.

WordPress developers have been drawn to the platform in hopes of creating a popular plugin. A plugin is like an app for a website. The great news is that there are some awesome plugins to choose from. The bad news is that there are many plugins that are not so well designed and can clash with other plugins you have running on your site. You know those cool looking mobile apps you download and they don’t function right? It’s similar to that. So, it’s best to have someone to help you navigate through them.

Remember the supermarket example? There are dozens and dozens of plugins for the same purpose and you waste time going through them all not to mention installing them, configuring them, testing them to find out which works best, if at all, for your purposes. It’s like going down a rabbit hole to find more rabbit holes.

So, on one hand, WordPress is great because you have a plethora of options to fit your needs but on the other hand, it takes someone who knows what they’re doing to sort through it all. Whether you need an ecommerce website with a storefront, professional looking landing page, a dazzling blog, a membership site, an interactive web application WordPress will certainly handle it. You can get started with your own branded domain and all this potential at a very low cost. Nowadays, it’s more affordable than ever to start and maintain a website so don’t miss your opportunity if you haven’t started one yet.

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