15 Things you Overlook when Deciding to do a DIY Website

Imagine your wife sends you to the supermarket with a list of groceries to buy. While making your way down the list you hit an item you rarely buy and it says, “yogurt.” No details, just “yogurt.” Raising your head slowly towards the dairy section, you scan the endless shelves with what seems like a thousand brands. You have no clue as to which flavor, kind, fat content, drinkable or thick, etc yogurt your wife wants. Frantically, you reach for your cell phone to call her to prevent an future argument about your choice only to find she’s not answering, as usual in the middle of an emergency. All the possible wrong choices you could make jump out at you and your brain overheats.

Yes, that’s exactly what it’s like as a novice starting a website. You find yourself getting disoriented while choosing between domain registrars, hosting companies, email providers, website builders, plugins, and on and on. There are so many choices you burn through your valuable time just researching them all. At this point, you need to get a website up and running to publish your content. You need to attract readers, listeners, viewers and convert them into potential clients. You need to start getting your name and brand out there. The following are things you have most certainly underestimated when trying to start your own website.

Choosing the wrong domain name or TLD
Choosing and setting up hosting
Setting up your email
Website design even with a website builder
Configuring your website theme and look
Setting up basic plugins
Configuring plugins for your specific needs
Clashing plugins
Site maintenance
Site backups and updates
Site optimization & speed
Where to get images & videos
Optimizing images & other media

If you’re like I was, and I still am with many of the above topics, then you didn’t even make it through half the list before getting overwhelmed. Many people put off starting their website because they don’t have a logo or a domain name, but if you wait until you have everything perfected, you won’t ever launch. Let us help you get online as soon as possible so you start making valuable content for your visitors. In addition, we help you with all of the above so you don’t waste your precious time when you could be spending it working much more productively on your business.

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